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YouTube will have a paid course feature

YouTube is already a key place for people who want to learn a skill or learn more about a topic. The platform will add more educational features, including the ability to offer structured video courses to creators. This way, creators won’t need to direct their fans to other sites or apps (such as Masterclass) where they sell similar content. YouTube, of course, will also be able to capitalize on this. According to YouTube, these courses are for “in-depth structured learning.” Creators will be able to charge for courses or offer them for free.

Videos that are part of a paid course will not contain ads and can play in the background (in other words, you can treat them like a premium podcast). The courses will initially be available in beta next year in the US and South Korea. YouTube plans to expand this feature to more countries at a later date. To support educational content on the platform and possibly help people taking the course test their knowledge, YouTube will also be rolling out a feature called Quizzes. Creators will be able to add a quiz to their community tab where they can ask viewers what they discussed in the video. A beta version of this feature will be available in the coming months, and all authors who have a community tab will be able to use the quizzes next year.

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