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YouTube will open an online streaming store

According to The Wall Street Journal, YouTube is working on an online store where you can buy subscriptions to various streaming services. The Google-owned video streaming platform has been reportedly developing a “channel store” for at least the past 18 months and is currently in talks with potential partner companies. YouTube is already giving its $65 a month streaming TV subscribers the option to add access to additional services like HBO Max. However, the upcoming store will apparently give people the option to purchase streaming services from the main YouTube app.

The publication reports that YouTube is positioning its platform as a great way for companies to promote their streaming services, as viewers can watch trailers for free on their website or app and then easily pay for a subscription. Partner companies will likely have to share their YouTube revenue for purchases made on the video platform. YouTube, the post says, is already in discussions with them about how to split the subscription revenue, although the terms differ for each partner. Even with the prospect of sharing revenue with partners, more streaming services are now open to the idea of ​​merging or merging. YouTube’s “channel store” could reportedly launch as early as this fall, although the company has yet to confirm that the project exists and is already in talks with potential partners.

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