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Home » Zombie shredder, vibrant locations, enjoyable gameplay: Journalists greeted Dead Island 2 with cautious optimism

Zombie shredder, vibrant locations, enjoyable gameplay: Journalists greeted Dead Island 2 with cautious optimism

Resurrected zombie action Dead Island 2 received updated list of platforms, two colorful trailers and an official release date. At the same time, the publisher Deep Silver introduced its project to representatives of the Western media, who played the novelty as part of a short preview session, after which they shared their first impressions.

As it turned out, the new version of Dead Island 2 caused mostly cautious optimism among the majority of journalists.. The press praises the game for its pleasant light tone, vibrant locations of dying Los Angeles, accessible gameplay and a well-developed damage system.

It is also noted that Dead Island 2 may feel somewhat secondary. the game is very similar to the original Dead Islandas well as the dilogy Dying Light from the Polish studio Techland.

Some new construction details:

  • Development of the current version of Dead Island 2 began around 2018. After the removal of Yager Development and Sumo Digital, the project was handed over to Dambuster Studios and, in fact, completely restarted from scratch, leaving only the originally invented setting in it. Further production went on without any significant problems or pauses, with the exception of the difficulties caused by the global pandemic.
  • In terms of mood and overall style, Dead Island 2 tries to match the first part and its independent expansion Dead Island: Riptide in everything. Players are waiting for a role-playing action with a first-person perspective in a bright and sunny setting, where the walking dead and other dangers await the heroes at every turn.
  • The game offers six unique characters, as well as the possibility of a cooperative passage, designed for three people in one session. Heroes differ not only in appearance, but also in a set of their own skills, on which the role-playing system is also tied.
  • Pumping in Dead Island 2 is done through card mechanics. In the process of developing the hero, players have access to new cards from which they can assemble their own build some cards give certain bonuses to certain characteristics, while others can completely change some of the attacks and their properties.
  • The combat system of the project focuses almost entirely on melee weapons. There are a lot of various knives, hammers, bits, sticks, swords and other interesting items. Firearms are also available, but are less common and presented more as a small alternative to the main arsenal.
  • In addition to firearms and edged weapons, the project also has throwable defenses, including Molotov cocktails, grenades, shurikens and much more.
  • Available weapons are also integrated into the local crafting system, allowing certain items to be given unique properties. So, blades can attack with fire, and bits deal electrical damage.
  • For more exciting slicing of zombies in Dead Island 2, a well-developed system of body reaction to hits and blows has been implemented. Enemies can be decapitated, cut off their limbs, break bones and inflict all sorts of injuries. The developers are proud of the implementation of this system and put special emphasis on it. Their goal is to release the most “brutal” and “meat” game on the market.
  • The combat system in Dead Island 2 focuses on tactical and sequential battles against zombies. There are rarely too many enemies, but almost every one of them can cause serious damage to the hero, which is why, using the demo segment as an example, the battles assumed a certain gameplay depth.

In general, the press notes, the shown fragment of Dead Island 2 turned out to be quite good. The game works, looks nice, and offers a clear, albeit somewhat familiar, gameplay. The further success of long-term construction, according to journalists, depends on a number of obvious factors. variety of gameplay situations, the fascination of story missions and the depth of the role-playing system. In a small segment, everything can not be fully assessed.

The developers themselves have confirmed that the plot of Dead Island 2 is not directly related to the first part, but various references and even some familiar faces will appear here. They also revealed that Dead Island 2 doesn’t have a full open world. instead, the general playing area is divided into large separate areas.

The premiere of the project is scheduled for February 3, 2023.

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