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Zoom developers fix major vulnerability on Mac

Zoom users with Macs can relax a bit. Ars Technica reports that Zoom has updated its Mac software to fix a vulnerability that could allow potential attackers to take control of systems. Not only did the automatic video call software update software have root access, it also had a signature verification system that could be fooled by simply giving your package a familiar filename. A hacker can force your application to downgrade or otherwise activate exploits. Objective-See Foundation (OSF) creator and researcher Patrick Wardle was the first to discover the security hole and reported it to Zoom last December. Zoom solved this problem, but added another bug in the process.

Zoom took note of this as well, but Wardle found another flaw. The OSF founder spoke about his findings at Def-Con last week. Zoom acknowledged the issue the same day and later fixed it. This isn’t the first time Zoom has run into security issues, including for Macs. In 2019, the company sought to patch a webcam hacking exploit that depended on a locally built web server. The heightened focus on Zoom at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring of 2020 also prompted a full overhaul of the company’s practices. While this has led to changes, it’s clear that Zoom is not immune to bugs.

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